Get Unlimited Inbound Leads

You constantly need fresh new leads for your business to stay alive. Our Inbound Marketing Methodology connects you to an unlimited leads pipe on complete automation.


The Most Powerful Leads Generating Process

Thanks to modern communication technology, applying inbound marketing methodology has become the most powerful leads generation system ever created! It's accessible to, and it works like a charm for, any kind of business.

Publishing high-quality, entertaining, and problem solving content to where you audience is gathering, you can now create and maintain your own audience and market place.

In order to put up the perfect inbound marketing campaign, we carefully craft and implement a well thought strategy with a mix of all the following, in the process.


Content Marketing Strategy

Create a powerful First Impression by making sure the visitor sticks on its first stop, when landing on your page. No one should leave your site with empty hands.

Leads Nurturing

Keep them coming back and aware about you. Keep sharing impressive content with them. Special content you provide them free of charge.

Social Media Marketing

Strategically share / syndicate your great content through a special Social Media and other networks campaing. Great content is being shared like wildfire.

Email Marketing

The most powerful communication tool must be part of, and tightly integrated with automation for,  all campaings.

Detailed Analytics

You want to know what's the exact result of every aspects of the campaign, and optimize as needed to maximize your ROI.

High-performance SEO

SEO Only is NOT sufficient anymore. Your pages still must be optimized for search engines, using modern techniques.

Use ALL Essential Tools

Modern digital entrpreneurs are spoiled with an inceradible array of marketing technology tools. Exciting and impressive tools, never seen before until only recently. For many, It has become both mind boggling and scary at the same time.

On the other hand, all this technology creates a flood of opportunities for about any kind of business. Only, it's become more complicated for the big majority to know what tools to use, and how and when to use them to harvest the fruits.

This is where a marketing technology expert tactician for the last two decades comes in, to help you make all this work in maximized mode, and hassle free for you.

How It Works

Inbound is about being part of the conversation.  And that means sharing helpful relevant content with the world. It’s about drawing people in – that’s why it’s called Inbound.  Click play on the video, and check out a more detailed scheme.


Get Astonishing Results

It takes much more than a few cool tools to make such implementation work. The tools must be carefully chosen and proven extremely efficient. We then put them all together, like the pieces of an engine, to create a powerful marketing solution fully customized, just for you.


Essentials to The Pipeline Process

I literally become an extension of your business and I create a constant and permanent process workflow that brings a constant stream of fresh new leads on a daily basis.

On-site content

Blogging to answer questions, solve problems, build list with premium content. Original Content.

Branding Authority

Product and service awareness, information, and training. Establish Market authority.

Off-site content

Well-written, targeted, valuable content, published on sattelite sites and wide influence media blogs.

Content Syndication

On-site and off-site content sharing and publishing is the most effective strategy for generating new visibility.

Search Engine Optimization

Deep on-site and off-site Technical SEO.

Email Newsletter

Ongoing Automated emails with supporting content, and automated emails with selling content.

Pricing Plans

Rest assured that when I choose to work with you and develop a campaign for your project, I take the time needed to get a good grasp of your business and treat it like mine.

Let them talk

Once you get the whole picture, you understand, you start working with me and then you start to talk like them.
We were looking for a real ROI from our digital marketing efforts – a measurable one. With this innovative program, within three months we started to receive a stiff increase in our leads volume. Plus, with the access we have to their nice dashboard, I can follow and track all results from the campaign at any time. I'm more than happy.

Arobas DigitLab

After implemeting an effective SEO and inbound strategy geared toward our industry's audience, which is extremely competitive, our traffic increased 10 fold. Teaming with Andre Foisy Marketing Technology is the best move we have made.
Ronna Mistral

Senior Executive, Mesh Inc

These guys practice traffic magic lol. Seriously, what an awsome team to work with. They seem to always understand exactly what our business needs, and how we should approach our target market. We trusted our new partner's experience and advice and we were able to track all progress through their dashboard. After a couple of months leads flow started to increase very significantly, and we keep going.

Owner, You Publishing

Transferring our marketing account to this agency has been the best decision we have made. They provided us with a new website design with the latest design trend and implemented their special SEO strategy. They also created some very interesting content of very good quality. Unique content, wow. Our bottom line increased by 70%, after 6 months our business is growing faster than we expected. Thanks Andy!

Vicky Ronaldo

CMO, Extreen LLC

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