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I started soon in career in sales and marketing in the beginning of the 1980's. In my whole career I've been practising the arts at all levels and have elaborated many innovative marketing models, plans and concepts and I've managed and trained huge sales teams.

Right at the beginning of the 1990's, I jumped in the exploding Information Technology (IT) business and started to develop hardware and software solution products to address the growing demand in the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Bulletin Board System (BBS) markets (remember the beginnings of America On Line, aka AOL?).

I was developing and selling solutions integrated with customized IVR and Fax-on-demand information systems, as well as Voice Mail Box renting service systems. That is where I've acquired all the expertise as a professional Information Technology Integrator and Marketer.

Eventually, from the start of 1994 I started to connect BBSs to Universities' Internet electronic mail (e-mail) system hubs to provide Internet email services to BBSs users. And, in the middle of 1997 I started to completely migrate my marketing and technology skills towards Internet which was slowly starting to take the world by storm. I was like a kid in a candy store, very enthusiast and excited to discover and learn everything I possibly can from all this emerging new technological craze.

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Available modern marketing technology is growing at lightning speed by the day. It's become almost impossible for the average entrepreneur to keep up. As a marketing technology expert tactician, I've been thoroughly following the market and the most cutting edge technology available for putting together and developing only the best and most efficient strategies.

Worry and guess no more, about how you will finally make your business the smooth transition you desire and how it should be made, to reach and serve your target audience whether your market is your local area or in the entire word. I can help you get started with the right tools, just for your specific business needs.

  • No overload of useless technology
  • We work for the long terms collaboration
  • We are not in to impress you with our skills, we want you TO SUCCEED! And, that should suffice to really impress you.


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We do not just build a website for you, and then leave you there. We are not just “website designers”, we are Online Business Driven Tacticians ready to conceive your whole Sales and Marketing Funnel for your 21st century business.

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We make your website look amazing on any screen size. We thrive to provide your visitors and potential clients the best possible experience to facilitate their engagement.

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We implement only tried & tested communication tactics designed to attract new business, re-engage lost opportunities and expand sales with any existing customers base.

Built for Conversion

We don’t just add features to impress you. All our Sales Funnels are carefully crafted for the absolute possible conversion, period. We focus only on what will  drive and convert more customers to your business, products and services.

Blazing Fast Speed

Fast pages loading times is a TOP requirement for Ranking High in Search engines. That's why our funnels are as light and nimble as possible, without compromising their quality and flexibility.

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