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We Are Top Delavo, Fantasos and JVManager Experts since 2005, ready to take care of everything that needs to be done to make it work and run successfully. We are here to remove all the hassle and headache for you.

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What We Do

We Help with Delavo for all your online sales strategies.

We take care of your Delavo ecommerce complete backend, so you can concentrate on making sales and recurring revenue only.

Delavo software has no secret for us., We can integrate it with any online tools that you already use, for a fully customized solution.


DELAVO Consulting

Complete analysis of your business, to create the best tailored solution just for you. If you are not yet too sure of how you will connect all these tools together. We are here to tell you how.

Delavo Help

We build complete Delavo templates for sales pages and Delavo Interface custom design. We also offer customized manuals and charts to distribute to your members.

Delavo Managed

[BYOL] We install, run, and manage your Delavo Gold Platform for you. On powerful, balanced and scalable AWS EC2 Cloud Servers, with hardened security.

Delavo Procedures

We set them for you. We make it fully ready for making sales and delivery online, for any product or services you want, and the way you want it to flow, on your own DELAVO account or instance.

Delavo Gold Solutions

You have an out of this world crazy project, with unusual setup, technology and needs? Tell us about it to find out if DELAVO can help, you will see, we have several crazy ideas too. Most of the time we will make your process, much better.

Delavo Coaching

The most powerful way to be ahead of your comeptition in no time is by learning how to strategically use and implement sales and marketing strategies by yourself, with DELAVO. Tell us what you want to specifically learn to do, and we will show you how.


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Answers to Your Questions

Can we use WordPress with this platform?

Yes, absolutely. We recommend WordPress as the platform of choice for your content management and publishing, and managing members access. Delavo takes care of payments and affiliates tracking, and controls the key to access to your membership site.

Can we use it on multiple sites?

Absolutely. It's among the powers of this platform. In fact, the truth is you cannot use it ON multiple sites, but FOR as many websites as you wish as a centralized commerce center for ALL of you businesses online AND offline. Ask us how.

It is written in PERL, it's outdated techology, no?

PERL is an old technology, but it is certainly NOT outdated. PERL is part of all ‘Nix flavors, it is installed de facto on servers and even desktop versions. It will run pretty well on all widely spread common popular hosting provider. Though popular hosting providers are not always the most secure. So, if you are more concerned with security and stability, we offer bullet-proof, fast, reliable and scalable managed hosting. Get DELAVO Managed Hosting.

I heard/saw that the user interface is OLD, Outdated, and UGLY?

It is old indeed, it's been developed in 2004 and has evolved up to around 2010 where the development was ‘paused'. Apparently, the owner got back to development of the platform in December 2017. The outdated ugly interface shouldn't be a real concern. We are expert integrators and can fully customize the complete interface for you.

What if I have a specific sofware and setting to run my business?

We are experts in marketing technologies integration online since 1998, and before that, before the Internet, we were expert communication tools developers for ten years. Talk to us, you could be very surpised with the solution we will craft for you with fantastic tools you may not even know about, yet.

Are you affiliated with the platform?

NO!  We are NOT affiliated nor associated in any way with the developer and the vendors. The owner here, at Andre Foisy Marketing Technology, has been deeply involved with the developer in the development and marketing of this platform, since the beginning of its creation. We have now  decided to open and offer our premium DElaVo Expertise again, to the dELAVo community of users.

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We are also experts in creating strategies and managing complete ClickFunnels and UpViral campaigns for you. Let us show you how we do it.